The Hermitage Centre

Hermitage InteriorThe new Hermitage Centre is now open and available for use by Church and community groups and by private individuals.

The accommodation comprises a spacious new hall with seating for up to 50 people, along with kitchen facilities, and an upstairs meeting room suitable for meetings of up to 15 people. Tables are provided and WiFi and a data projector are also available.

Both rooms are wheelchair accessible, and accessible toilet facilities are available.

Charges are £15 per hour for the hall and £12 per hour for the meeting room. These charges apply to ‘one-off’ users and discounts are available for regular lettings. An additional charge is made if the kitchen is used for cooking/food preparation, but not for refreshments alone.

In accordance with Methodist Church practice, the sale, supply or consumption of alcohol on the premises is not allowed, and any form of betting or gambling (including raffles) is also not permitted.

Letting enquiries can be directed to the Church Treasurer, Mike Hallworth ( Exterior