Day of Prayer

As part of the Circuit Week of Prayer Belle Vue will be holding a 12 hour prayer day on Saturday 11th June, from 9am to 9pm.

The Church will be open 10am – 12noon with a sheet of prayer prompts available. Volunteers for stewarding would be  welcomed; a sheet will be placed at the back of Church.

Make this a special day by praying in your home, garden, local beauty spot, hill top, seaside…..the list is endless.

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The Hermitage Centre Time Capsule

There is a time capsule in church which is due to be placed under the floor in the new Hermitage Centre in May. The capsule is about a metre long and is made of 110MM sewer pipe. It is proposed to send messages to the future telling the people who use the space in the Hermitage centre what it means to us now and what we hope it will mean to them. Everyone is welcome to contribute by the end of April. Letters or messages with small artefacts if they support your message should be left with a Steward or Rob Leighton. Rob’s message will include plans of the premises before and after the works and will read something like this:

Dear Reader,
I hope the reason you have unearthed and opened the capsule is to do with improving the Heritage Centre or increasing its life for the community. The hall which we are replacing after over a hundred years of use holds fond memories for me of people and events; fund raising functions, parties, celebrations of personal and community occasions have filled the place with laughter, giving encouragement and pleasure to many. My hope is to enjoy many more such occasions myself and to share them with the folk in Belle Vue and beyond. Every blessing on the work you are planning and good wishes to the coming generations of users of the Hermitage Centre!
Rob Leighton, Belle Vue Church Member since 1983.

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Practical Action’s Quilt Project

14 BVM and IoM3On 31st January a member of the congregation, Nicola Craddock, told us about a project she is running to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the international development charity Practical Action and raise funds to support its work. She told us a bit about what the charity does: it focuses on helping some of the poorest people in the world access the technology they need to improve their livelihoods. Whether its by creating smokeless stoves to protect women and children from lung diseases or zeer pot fridges to keep produce fresh for longer in hot climates, Practical Action aims to “see what people are doing and help them to do it better”.

All members of the congregation were invited to donate a button for the quilt with £1 and to say why they wanted to take part. The result was a beautiful quilt square which was put together by the Friday Knit and Knat group.

Funds raised by the quilt project will go towards setting up renewable energy projects in isolated rural communities in Malawi and Zimbabwe.

The completed quilt will be presented to Practical Action at their Supporter’s Day in June 2016. To find out more about Practical Action’s work and the quilt project see:

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Raising Money While Shopping

Do you shop online? Easy fundraising is a scheme organised by the Institute of Fundraising which has raised over £10 million for UK good causes.

It’s really simple – before you buy on the Internet, you log in to and follow the instructions to order from your chosen site – John Lewis, Amazon, Argos, Tesco, Sainsbury’s etc etc.

You order from the retailer’s site in the normal way and you pay exactly what you would normally pay – but the retailer makes a donation to Church Funds (typically 1-2% of what you spend, sometimes up to 5%).  A plan with no drawbacks!  Pick up a card at the back of the church to remind you – and use them to spread the word among family and friends!

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Community Open Day and Christmas Fayre

On Saturday 5th December, we’ll be having an open day and Christmas Fayre at Belle Vue from 11am – 2pm, to help raise money for our Hermitage Centre development.

There will be:

  • Gifts, Cards, Christmas Cakes, Mince Pies, Jams, Mincemeat
  • Bran Tub & much much more
  • Tea/Coffee & Stollen. Free drinks for children

Offers of help to fill the tables with craft gifts, home produce etc. will be gratefully received. Please add your name to the list in Church or speak to Muriel, Selwyn, or one of the Church stewards.


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Cycling group

There was willing, but insufficient, response to my attempt to start a sociable cycling group on Fridays, so I have decided to put the idea on hold.  When our new hall is built I may ask Church Council if we could set up a wider, Belle Vue Community, cycling group, using the Hermitage Centre as a base, but I would need help to do it.  If you have any ideas along these lines, now’s the time to talk about it.  Paul.

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Contributions for new-look Contact magazine

Thank you to all the people who contributed to the first edition of the new-look Contact magazine. It is now time to get those pens, laptops, tablets etc busy again! In order to have something for you to read in the September edition I need  articles, anecdotes and any other suitable contributions you can offer! Please let me have any items for inclusion by 1st August, preferably by email, though hand-written contributions are equally welcome! Thank you in advance for your support. Ruth Henley..


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Belle Vue Arts Festival – Graffiti Art at Belle Vue Methodist Church

The theme for this year’s Belle Vue Arts Festival (6th – 20th June) is MEMORIES.

This church has played a part in the Arts Festival for a number of years. We have staged Challenging Trails on the school fields, always with a Reflective theme based on Christian Ethics & Philosophy. In 2013 we offered a trail on our own premises to coincide with the Open Days started by Frances Bisseker entitled ‘X marks the spot.’ Last year a trail was designed to attract people, as they followed the Scarecrow Trail around Belle Vue, entitled ‘Follow the Light’

This year we are hosting an Arts project, an idea developed through Ellie Welch at the Annual Church Meeting and which will be on display to people following the Belle Vue Open Gardens Trail on Sunday June 14th from 12noon-4.00p.m.

Called ’Installation/Mural/Graffitti Art’, the idea is that people are given an opportunity to paint on the walls of the church hall before it is demolished. The Arts Festival Committee are excited by this suggestion. To start things off Mike Griffiths, the retired head of Art at Wakeman School will be available on Saturday June 6th from 10.00-1.00 so that budding artists might see the space available and receive some advice. Anyone can simply call in and see him.

On Wednesday 10th the Brownies & Guides led by Theresa Bradbury will have an opportunity to start things off. Then from Thursday 11th to Saturday 13th the premises will be made available as required. In between preparing my garden for the Garden Trail, I’ll be available to open up. Belle Vue Arts Group Members will be on hand to supervise.

Some paint, brushes, sponges etc will be available if you want to join in and have a go. Only water based emulsion type paints will be allowed. Spray paints and gloss will be banned! It is suggested people wear old clothing. Participants are encouraged to bring any old tins of emulsion along with them.

The ‘Knit and Nat’ group through Chrissy Bridge are talking about putting a woollen spiders web in the window space and for the inventive there are hooks on the ceiling for ‘hangings’. There may also be a film of the activity so that there will always be a ‘Memory’ of the Event.

If you are interested or know of people who would like to leave their mark then please encourage them to meet up with Mike on 6th June.

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Calling all bike riders

You are invited to take part in a short, experimental, bike ride lasting about 1 hour to see if there is any interest in having a local cycling group as a regular activity.

Ordinary bikes and ordinary clothing will do nicely – lycra will not be needed!  See notice board for more details. The first ride will be on Friday 8th May meeting outside the lower hall at Belle Vue at 10.30 am.  The Knit & Nat group will be in session and we may be able to scrounge a cup of tea from them when we get back.  If the weather’s bad, we’ll just have to see what happens!

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Easter at Belle Vue

Our Easter Sunday communion service was led by our Minister, the Rev. Silas Wood and featured a couple of twists this year.

One was the laying of our ‘Sunshine Bags’ at the foot of the cross. During lent, many of us had sunshine bags to add some coins to each time the sun shone, and altogether these helped raise over £400 towards the Hermitage Centre Project.

The second was that for the last hymn, we filed outside to sing and to hand Easter eggs to any passers by.


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