The Hermitage Centre Time Capsule

There is a time capsule in church which is due to be placed under the floor in the new Hermitage Centre in May. The capsule is about a metre long and is made of 110MM sewer pipe. It is proposed to send messages to the future telling the people who use the space in the Hermitage centre what it means to us now and what we hope it will mean to them. Everyone is welcome to contribute by the end of April. Letters or messages with small artefacts if they support your message should be left with a Steward or Rob Leighton. Rob’s message will include plans of the premises before and after the works and will read something like this:

Dear Reader,
I hope the reason you have unearthed and opened the capsule is to do with improving the Heritage Centre or increasing its life for the community. The hall which we are replacing after over a hundred years of use holds fond memories for me of people and events; fund raising functions, parties, celebrations of personal and community occasions have filled the place with laughter, giving encouragement and pleasure to many. My hope is to enjoy many more such occasions myself and to share them with the folk in Belle Vue and beyond. Every blessing on the work you are planning and good wishes to the coming generations of users of the Hermitage Centre!
Rob Leighton, Belle Vue Church Member since 1983.

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