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  • Saturday
    Jeremiah 28:1-17“In that same year, at the beginning of the reign of King Zedekiah of Judah, in the fifth month of the fourth year, the prophet Hananiah son of Azzur, from Gibeon, spoke to me in the house of the LORD, in the presence of the priests and all the people, saying, ‘Thus says the […]
  • Saturday, 17 Mar 2018
    Give us patience, O God, in the hour of trouble; humility in the hour of success and constancy in the hour of temptation. Grant us thankfulness for your benefits, fear of your judgement and hope in your enduring mercy; now and for ever. Amen.John Cosin (1594-1672)Prayer for ArtistsGod, you are the ultimate creatorand yet you share this gift […]